Who are we?

We are a 21 years old company headquartered in Chennai, India with a world class infrastructure and private campus in Siruseri IT park. We started and tried various IT offerings since our inception but we were just another “run of the mill” IT services firm for a long time.  Of course, we are successful but we never could find satisfaction at the end of the day. It’s just boring and there was no fun.  Lot’s and Lot’s of conference call from somewhere in the world.  Same old stuff…Projects, Delivery, Staffing and client support. Like every other IT services provider, our team nod their heads for everything when a client calls but we knew sometimes we didn’t really mean it. That’s not who we are! Period. 

In 2013 we did a frank and brutal SWOT assessment and guess what, we found we don’t like Innovation but we Love Innovation! Cling….that was our aha moment for our team.

Since then we dedicated to stay simple and focused to – “Let’s Strengthen our Strengths”. We refined our thinking, our approach and even ditched areas that we are not good at. Why? Because we don’t want to mess around things that we don’t think it fits us. You know, it’s all about your posture in a party to be confident and attractive.☺☺

Global Mantra I (GMI) is a full life cycle Research and Innovation company focused on providing repeatable, reusable and scalable widgets to meet enterprise clients in Big Data Analytics, Data Insights, Legacy Modernization, Infrastructure & Cloud, Application Development and Cybersecurity.

We are a group of innovators and passionate professionals to bring the best use of data to the world with security. We solve some of the most complex and sophisticated business problems.

Yep! We do what we love and we live our dreams.

About GM

By now, you may think, we are no different than anyone who talks about Innovation. Hell no!!!!

Our innovation starts with Free thinking and ends with Free thinking. It is one or a combination of being Disruptive, Creative and Out of the Box. Frugal Innovation is what we mastered at. Get the Best with the least…People, Time and Money. Our innovation is not classic laboratory work but it is Customer Driven. We don’t innovate something our customers don’t have a need for or where we don’t have a customers.

Oops…We heard your question. What is Free Thinking at GMI?

Free thinking is the mindset to bring Originality, Objectivity and Opportunity when solving sophisticated and complex global challenges as a unified vision. That’s what it keeps us working with emotional innovative Passion and super high energy. As long as we continue to think free, we don’t care what it takes to get our job done. We are very open to be Great leaders to share our legacy, Trusted Partners for Joint collaboration or Deep followers learning from others.

YES! ….this is the power of “Free Thinking”

Our Company life

"This is how we are at GlobalMantra, we work, enjoy and innovate through free thinking"

Free Thinking

Chill Out



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