Why Global Mantra i

You might be a client prospect, industry partner or looking for your dream job.

The first question is – why should anyone do business with us?

Our answer is simple - Our Attitude. Of course you can hire a skill but not an attitude.

Our unified vision powered by “Free Thinking” cause us to be bold, simple and focused.

A day in a life at GMi is (Think, Speak and Deliver) Innovation. Our attitude in day in life is made of 5 very clear mantras:-

  1. Do what you love and don’t waste your time. More important, others time!
  2. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
  3. Simple can be harder than Complex. Use free thinking to make it simple. If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough.
  4. Our decision to say “NO” goes equally when we decide to say “YES”.
  5. We don’t look at the competition and try to do better, we look at the competition and say we are going do it different!

"The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what
you believe is great work"

- Steve Jobs


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1 Director of Operations 20+ View More
2 Enterprise Architect 15-20 View More
3 Sharepoint Developer 2-6 View More
4 Wintel Admin 2-6 View More