Fast Track - Code

FastGen is a code accelerator, designed in such a way the user can generate the code by just communicating with the DBMS/RDBMS .The FastGen user can generate their MVC files, service files, Report files and related java scripts which can be integrated to their application along with the Unit testing code.FastGen is a powerful accelerator which can reduce developer’s efforts by about 70%. The remaining 30% lies on integration and customization (If needed).

Security Wrapper

The Centralized Security Management System (CSMS) is a security framework which focusses on centralizing all the authorization requirements of an enterprise’s application suite. Security administrators of the system will be able to Define, Configure and Deliver enterprise wide application security from one security console. The system has a security interface, which can be consumed by the application’s being built to retrieve Security Definitions.


Dashboard generator is a widget, with a user friendly UI to generate charts or graphs from given data, by establishing one time connection to the database (bar chart, line chart, pie chart and etc.), generate iconic hyperlinks for redirection from the dashboard to a particular page. The output of dashboard generator will be code snippets and configuration files, which can be used to integrate with the target web application to represent data as charts/graphs.

Data Renovator

Data Transformation Engine is a generic tool which has the ability to transform unstructured data from any file type into structured data. DTE is role based application, Admin role to define how the output or target structure should be, Customer role can map the source data against the defined output or target structure by direct mapping (column-column), Split (column-multiple columns), fork(multiple columns- column). The widget also has the configurations related to output or target file name and type.

Industry Solutions

We take seriously when it comes to industry solutions because our clients are those who attempt to become an Industry Standard.

Our decision to say “NO” goes equally when we decide to say “YES”.

To do We give equal importance to a YES decision

Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.