Transforming Healthcare Data to Actionable Intelligence.
With deep tech data-gathering capabilities, our research efforts focus on
empowering healthcare evolution
Applying Intelligence That Makes A True Difference
An Outcome of intense research, our innovations are Agile, Market-ready and Futuristic.
Free Thinking
Unleashed Minds Deliver Genius. We Believe So!
More power to Free Thinking! We aspire to make a real difference in healthcare
with more ingenious breakthrough ideas
Towards Harmonized Healthcare

Vision & Mission

Truth is, Healthcare industry needs more than just tech! We need Compassion. We need Agility. We need Harmony. And we need constant improvement - All this over a secure network. When all these are orchestrated, improving healthcare would be a lot easier.

At GMI, we combine all the above to create a holistic healthcare ecosystem. We build our healthcare solutions with emerging technologies that ultimately leads to a Harmonized data-powered healthcare world which is well-equipped to provide better care to all.

Before Work, We Free Think.

Free spirited minds can deliver unbelievable ideas. As a Research & Innovation Company, we thrive on ideas and strengthen the roots with our technology expertise. We readily merge futuristic advancements into our Product incubation, and iterate prototypes that are often much ahead of its time. Our product innovations have transformed several healthcare landscapes, and we are constantly chiseling towards making them even better.

Everyday is an Adventure

Life in GMI

Global Mantra Innovations(GMI) - An island of ideas with a pool of Free Thinkers. Quite a description there! But really, we are an invincible bunch of nerds and thinkers, ready to create technological ripples through our ideas.

Quick GMI Snapshot

A Hub for demonstrating innovative Proof of Concepts (PoC), we anchor our work over Rapid Application Development (RAD) to quickly build functional prototypes to analyse and iterate technical feasibility and business applicability.

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Free Thinkers
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Product Innovations
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AI-based Health Assistant
We care for the society

Corporate Social Responsibility

To make the world a better place, technology and advancements wouldn’t suffice. As a people-centric company, we believe in sharing and caring. Global Mantra Innovations, has an active CSR wing, where we work with the underprivileged and the needy, apart from initiating green-conscious efforts that safeguard nature.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

A day well spent with the inmates from HOPE Charitable Trust and sponsoring their basic needs.



We take time out of our routines, to visit the elderly and differently-abled to extend our support for them.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

We collect and share financial aids to support various social causes and disaster-relief initiatives.
Process Oriented Approach

Quality Guaranteed

As an ISO certified Research organization, we are thoroughly driven by process at all levels. Apart from deep tech knowledge, we pride on being steadfast with meeting regulatory and security measures. Our process-oriented work approach is one of the paramount factors for GMI’s continuous growth and accomplishments.